Certa Cito Lodge No. 8925

Corps of Royal Signals Masonic Lodge

Below: historical Festive board.

Potted Lodge History

Several attempts to form a craft Lodge for the family of Royal Signals, both before and after the Second World War failed for various reasons, the Military has had a long established link with Freemasonry which dates back some 250 years, Lodges were formed around the globe by Soldiers and Sailors using "Travelling Warrants" issued by local Provincial Grand Masters.  However, in 1979 R.W.Bro. Sir James Stubbs, the then Grand Secretary, together with V.W.Bros. Brigadier Claude Fairweather and Colonel Geoffrey Dicker got together and the Lodge was finally formed and consecrated on 30th May 1980 in Temple No. 10 at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London. 203 brethren attended the ceremony including 65 of the 68 Founder Members.

All our Members are drawn from past and present serving Soldiers of both the regular and reserve Regiments of the Royal Corps of Signals and support for the Lodge has continued to this day.

The Royal Corps of Signals was formed from the Signals Service arm of the Royal Engineers in 1920 and the Corps Motto: "Certa Cito" (Swift & Sure) is also used as the name for our Lodge (Certa Cito No.8925), this together with the Corps cap badge - minus crown (as Freemasory is not part of the Royal Corps of Signals) is depicted on the new Lodge Banner shown on the right, the Banner was embroidered by ladies from the Royal College of Needlework and dedicated on 19th June 1990. It is displayed with pride at each and every Meeting of our Lodge.


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