Our Lodge was formed in May 1980 primarily for serving and ex-members of the Royal Corps of Signals.

The family of Royal Signals includes serving and retired members of the Regular and Reserve Army, as reflected in our Lodge title, also

anyone who has served in support of the Royal Corps of Signals in a military or civilian capacity, or has had a connection, is more than welcome to become a member of our

thriving and welcoming Lodge. Our members are drawn from all eras who have experienced that special camaraderie found in the Corps.  

The members of our Lodge actively encourage individuals to make contact with us to discuss the next step to joining.

Call Today: +44.441474744999

Certa Cito Lodge No. 8925

Corps of Royal Signals Masonic Lodge

Our Lodge meets at 15:00hrs. on the second Tuesday in:



October (Installation)

and the third Tuesday in June.

At Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen  Street,  London WC2B 5AZ. (location shown below)

Each meeting is followed by a Festive Board (formal dining)